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The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem exists to:

  • To reach every segment of Israel’s society (Jew, Christian and Arab) with practical expressions of comfort and love
  • Connect the church with Israel
  • Teach the truth regarding God’s purpose for Israel
  • Comfort and support the Jewish people
  • Be an active voice of reconciliation between Jews, Christians, and Arabs


Let us take you on a journey to learn about Israel, its place in History and God’s Word.

Discover how you can help and support the Jewish people and fulfil God’s word by creating positive impact in Israel and the Middle East.

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Israeli Democracy

Israeli Democracy

Israel’s history as a democracy is truly unique due to the way this nation deliberately decided to become a democracy. It was largely founded by Jews from European socialist and communist backgrounds, yet they consciously opted at the nation’s birth to become a liberal, Western-style democracy.

Christians and Holocaust ICEJ

Christians and the Holocaust

What can and should we do to comfort Zion? Christians are spiritually obliged to try and answer this question.

C41 ICEJ 3
Prophetic Times


The date, October 31st remains in the history books as “the last great cavalry, and the finest in history” as 800 heroic men and their courageous horses created a legend by achieving a near impossible military victory.